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I interviewed with my current employer in April. A couple of days before my interview, I found out I was pregnant. I was ecstatic - new job prospects and a new baby on the way, woot! When I got the job, I understood as a matter of course that my maternity leave would be unpaid - maternity leave counts as a short-term disability, and short-term disability pay is covered by an insurance company; since my pregnancy began before I was hired, it was a pre-existing condition and insurance wouldn't cover it. I knew that up-front and had plenty of time to budget for it.

And then a few months later, my company changed insurance carriers. I wasn't even aware of the change, but my human resources rep took it upon herself to check if I would be covered under the new system. She contacted me, unasked, to tell me that I would be eligible to receive 60% of my usual pay from the new insurance company for the time I needed to take off. I stopped putting money aside to budget for my maternity leave, since I already had enough to cover the difference.

And a couple of months ago, I got a promotion to a salaried position. The same human resources rep contacted me again to say that, as a salaried employee, I was now eligible to get 100% of my regular pay instead of 60% during my maternity leave. I rejoiced and used some of the money I had set aside earlier to replace my ancient TV. My husband took a little extra time on (unpaid) paternity leave, since he was the only one who wasn't getting paid.

I had my baby a week ago (a boy, all happy and healthy.) I got a call back from an agent at the insurance company this afternoon. The lady who called explained that my claim for short-term disability for my maternity leave was DENIED as a pre-existing condition. I will not receive a penny for the six weeks I have to take off.

I had it all planned out and taken care of before my HR lady stepped in. I would have had enough money to cover all my needs, plus Christmas presents, plus some left over for emergencies. I never asked for any of the information she gave me - if she was going to go out of her way for me, she could have at least bothered to get me correct information. I left her a voicemail at lunchtime, and it's almost time for her to go home now, and she still hasn't called me back. I am so screwed!
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