Girl Anachronism (musewrangler) wrote in bad_service,
Girl Anachronism

All right, so a friend of mine's been mooning over a certain Ralph Lauren fragrance for months. I don't have enough money to go around buying full-size perfumes as gifts (we usually spend about $20 on each other for Christmas), but I browsed through Amazon's marketplace and found a four-piece set (minis of the perfume, lotion and body wash, plus a pink cosmetic bag) for about $17 + $6 shipping through Tuccini Fragrance Outlet. I was thrilled, since I was just about to spend $12 + shipping for the perfume mini alone.

I had $25 in gift cards in my Amazon account, so I paid with those.

Received the set in a timely manner, but the cosmetic bag was not included. I emailed Tuccini and received a response within a few days. The rep explained that the set with the bag was no longer available, so I'd been sent a substitution and could have either a $5 credit or a $5 refund. The substitution felt a little bait-and-switchy, and I doubted I'd want to do business with them again, so I politely requested the refund into my Amazon account. The rep responded that the refund would be made (to my credit card) within five business days.

That was November 22nd. When I didn't hear or receive anything by last Monday, I emailed again. No response.

The thing is, Tuccini doesn't have my credit card info. The entire deal was through the Amazon marketplace (a fact I made clear in my emails), and while Amazon has my credit card info on file, I didn't use the card on this particular purchase. Does anyone know if it's even possible for Tuccini to refund the money directly to my Amazon account?

In any case, since Tuccini didn't answer my last email at all, I took advantage of Amazon's A-to-Z Guarantee and opened a dispute this morning. It's not that I'm going nuts over $5. I'll survive if I don't get it back. But I'm annoyed that the product was misrepresented, and that I was promised a refund that might not even be possible. Meanwhile, Tuccini's feedback through Amazon is looking worse and worse -- at least I'm not the only one having trouble.

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