Clea (chloetude) wrote in bad_service,

This story happened while I was coming home from a choir tour in Britain, this summer. To make my actions a little clearer, I hadn't slept at all for about thirty six hours and I get very emotional when I'm tired.

I was on a plane to Vancouver, and the drinks cart came down the aisle. I asked for a can of coke- I knew that this was allowed because my best friend got one every time the cart came by.

The steward (an older man) poured me a glass of water. I smiled and said, 'Soorry, but I asked for a can of coke'. He glared at me and told me he didn't like my attitude. I apologized and said that I really wanted a coke because I was tired and needed the energy boost.

He asked where an adult in my party was, because I was behaving very badly. I burst into tears, because in my (fogged and emotional) mind, I hadn't done anything wrong and I had been very polite because I know it's hard serving people- I worked as a busgirl at the time and I'm always polite to people serving me.

He kept berating me for my attitude while one of the choir chaperones came over and he told her that I was being extremely rude and that he didn't understand why I was behaving the way I was. I told her what happened, I got my can of coke, and moved to sit next to my best friend, on the other aisle.

Am I wrong in thinking that that's bad service, or was I rude?
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