Gemma (teacupdiaries) wrote in bad_service,

Reading the community this morning, I just remembered some seriously bad service I dealt with a few years ago, which still pisses me off when I think about it.

I was at home from college for the summer, and had what felt like the beginnings of a UTI. I rang my local doctors surgery, and the only doctor available is a Dr Maxmin. Now, friends and family had warned me about her having a bad attitude, but I was really uncomfortable and so took the appointment.

So I get there and when I'm called in, she doesn't even look up from her paperwork, she just starts barking questions at me in this really irritated voice. I answer as best I can, and basically say I suspect it's a UTI, etc, could she verify for me and give me something for it? Well, instead of doing a urine test, she insists that I need a full internal examination, even though I'd had one just a few months before. Anyway, not to argue, we do the examination and she is VERY rough with me. Not only did it hurt a LOT more than usual, but when she talks to me it's in this disgusted tone, as if she's offended by having to do the examination (even though it's not necessary). At the end, she actually slaps my legs together as if she can't stand to look at me anymore.

That out of the way, she asks the usual questions about partners and STDs. Now, I know I'm clean because I was just tested for the whole spectrum a few months before and hadn't been with anyone since then. I explain this. She tells me that "girls my age" (18) can't be trusted to tell the truth, and even though there is NO evidence of an STD present inside or outside my genital region, I "probably have herpes". Astounded, I explained once more that this couldn't be the case, and what followed was 10 minutes of her insinuating that I a/ sleep around, b/ never use protection (even though my records show I'm on the pill, and visited the free clinic for condoms), and c/ am a lying little slut.

She finally let me go with a brusque "there's nothing wrong with you that I can see; go to the STD clinic".

I stormed out, and then sat in my car shaking with fury and blinking back tears. I have never been so humiliated!

Oh, and for those wondering: I DID have a simple UTI, which another doctor diagnosed for me 2 days later with a simple urine test. I was given antibiotics, and all was well. And two years on? I'm still STD clean, thank you very much.

Seriously, this doctor clearly hates her job, and has nothing but disdain for her patients. So why is she still working there? Retire already!

EDIT: For those concerned, she was reported by myself and later my mother when she was treated in a similarly appalling fashion. No one contacted us about what official action was taken, but I noticed that Maxmin now only does a few hours of surgery time each week; as opposed to 4 days a week.

EDIT 2: Woah, I can't believe how many people have commented on this! I wish I could respond to everyone but I'm too busy with essays, so I'll say a quick "thanks!" here for all the support. :p I'm rather shocked at how many other bad medical stories have come from this. It's a shame to see so many doctors treating their patients so appallingly.
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