Dornt the ChoHorHog (rustyangel) wrote in bad_service,
Dornt the ChoHorHog

Not sure if this is bad service or not...

This is something that happened quite awhile ago, and left me feeling somewhat annoyed.

My boyfriend and I were having dinner at P.F. Chang's. I had never tried sake before, so I ordered some. I'm not a big fan of alcohol that tastes like alcohol (give me the fruity drinks any day), so the sake didn't really do it for me. I only drank a few sips.

When the waitress came back, she asked how I liked the sake. I said "Well, it's ok, but I don't think it's really my thing," or something to that effect. She asked if I wanted to sample their raspberry sake instead. So I tried a little of it, and while it was good, I decided I just wanted water instead. (I generally get water at restaurants, not only because it's free, but because I prefer it to most other drinks.)

Well, I don't know if the waitress thought I was just ordering water out of defeat, or what, but she did not seem to believe that I was ok with drinking just water. She asked me if I was sure I didn't want anything else, and I assured her water was fine.

A few minutes later, she came back with the MANAGER, who then started pointing things out on the drink menu and offering suggestions.

FINE. I GIVE UP. I ordered a non-alcoholic fruity drink. Egads, how I wish I'd just said "The sake is delicious, may I also have a glass of water?" I don't remember because it was awhile ago, but I doubt they charged us for the fruity drink, since they practically forced me to get it.

What do you all think? Were they too pushy, or was I being a Sucky CustomerTM by reverting to water after being less-than-pleased with the sake? (It may be noteworthy that my boyfriend didn't find the situation as annoying as I did. Hell, he thought the whole thing was hilarious. Looking back on it, it is funny, but at the time it nearly ruined the meal for me.)

Edit: Maybe I should note that the few other times I've been at PF Chang's, I've been very happy with the service.
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