becca (starph1sh) wrote in bad_service,

silly swearing salesmen story

my mom told my husband to pick himself out some new shoes for xmas on her, so we went to foleys (filenes for those of you up north) to check out the men's dress shoes.

as we approached the shoe section, we saw a group of 4 or 5 male employees standing around, talking. my husband goes "oh great, a gaggle of salesmen" (out of earshot). we approached expecting to get bombarded, but instead we were ignored. the group of guys were apparently having an interesting chat. we surveyed the shoes for a while, and all of the sudden on of the sales guys drops an "F-bomb". the 'f-word' does not particularly offend me, but i was suprised to hear it from the sales guys dressed in suits. as soon as he said it, i turned to him with a raised eyebrow, and we were promptly greeted and asked if they could do anything to help us.

i didn't report it to a manager because i was not offended, and i think my suprised look pulled him back into reality. it was amusing, but we didn't purchase any shoes from that store.
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