This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
This is how I rock


I work at my college and I have moved since the last time I had my tax/w4 information mailed to me so I had to go to the financial services/ pay dept. to fill out a change of address sounds like a simple task right? Um no.
I walk in and the woman at the front desk is putting on on make up so I give her a minute. The notices that I'm there and says "I'll be with you in a moment. I'm in the middle of something." Um what? So I wait and when she finishes putting on foundation she pulls out her powder and with out looking at me says "Can I help you with something?" I tell her that I need the form to fill out a change of address for my tax information. She gets this really snotty look on her face and says "It's a w4 not a form. It makes it easier for us when you use the correct phrases". Ok I thought it was a w4 form but that's ok it's fun to have people talk to you like you're dumb right? :( So She takes out the form and starts talking to me about how to fill it out in baby talk then asks if I under stand everything. For those who haven't had to fill out this form all you do is check the change of address box and fill out your name ss number and your new address it's not hard. I go over the the waiting area and fill it out then go to put it in the in box and she looks ion my direction while putting on mascara and asks if I was able to fill everything out alright and if I was sure I did it right. What gives her the right to be such a bitch to me?
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