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Bad Service?

I don't know if this is bad service or just me expecting more for my money than I should be.

My washing machine crapped out on me (very loudly).

The next day, I get out my trusty yellow pages to find someone to come fix it. A woman I worked with recommended a local company, and since she had a good experience with them, I thought I'd give them a try.

I call, make the appointment, get called back, turns out the tech is running way ahead of schedule and can get to my house two hours earlier than originally estimated. Great. I call my boyfriend, tell him to run over there to let them in.

My boyfriend calls me back just as the guy's coming in the house. I heard everything that was said on the phone. The service tech came in, turned on the machine, listened to the painful sounding noise for about 10 seconds, declared that the transmission has gone out, says it's not worth fixing, my machine is a piece of junk anyway, I should have bought a Whirlpool (the shop he works for does Whirlpool warranty repair), and that'll be $63.

I gave my boyfriend my credit card info to give to the tech and the tech left.

Total elapsed time: less than 5 minutes. He didn't take the machine apart to verify his suspicions, didn't provide an estimate of what it would actually cost to get it fixed, didn't even leave a receipt.

I was at work and couldn't deal with the situation right then, so I asked my boyfriend to call the repair shop and discuss the situation with the owner. The owner admits that that's not how she likes her techs to do business, but is not willing to budge on the service charge. She then calls me and leaves a message on my voicemail saying that she'd like to send another tech out because she doesn't think the first came up with the right diagnosis.

My boyfriend called her back, now she's saying that actually, the tech has a lot of experience, even if he does't have any customer service skills, and that the diagnosis is probably correct, she just wants to send someone else out to confirm it.

Now, I wouldn't know a broken washing machine transmission from a hole in the ground. But I also have absolutely no reason to trust anything that any other tech she sends out is going to say. For all I know, she could just tell them "go out, make it look good, but stick to what we told her before." So my boyfriend tells her we're not interested in doing business with her any more. She is still completely unwilling to budge on the service charge.

I'm going to call her this morning and talk to her again to see if she's changed her mind. I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and the local chamber of commerce. The boyfriend thinks I should also dispute the charge on my credit card. The owner admitted that the tech didn't provide the service that he should have but wants us to believe that someone else she sends out will.

Now I'm out $60 and still have no real idea what wrong with my washer and whether it's worth it to get it fixed. I don't want to pay another company to come out and look at it, but I also don't want to spend the money to replace it in case it is fixable.

Bad service? Or is this what I should expect from an on-site service/repair visit?

I mean, really. If I wanted to pay someone to come over, look at my washing machine and make up things that may or may not be wrong with it, I could have my neighbor's kid come over and do that.

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