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Delta Update

Update on this post:

Basically I had a huge run-around with Delta and wrote them an e-mail about it detailing my experience. That was October was the first time I received any sort of reply from them.

Here's what they wrote me:

Dear Ms. stah_chica,

Thank you for contacting us through We are sorry for the
delay in responding to your message.

We sincerely regret your disappointment. Excellent customer service is
key and your comments and observations are helpful in ensuring we
maintain our goal of providing this level of service. We will make
every effort to prevent anything similar from happening again. Please
accept our apology for the poor impression, and we welcome further
opportunities to be of service.

Your selection of Delta is appreciated, and we will always do our best
to merit your confidence and support.


Jane Doe
Online Customer Support Desk

Here is what I plan to reply:

Ms. Doe,

This just further proves how poor Delta's customer service truly is. I sent my original e-mail on October 31st. It is now December 14th. I understand you were having delays when my e-mail was sent and I can understand taking a week or two to receive a reply, but a month and a half? That's absolutely unacceptable. Your customer service leaves something to be desired and I have and will continue to share this experience with others.


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