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First time poster, and not much of a rant, but it's still messed up.

My bank account had just enough money to pay my car insurance bill. However, when I checked my balance this morning, I noticed that it was $15 short. I'm thinking "Shit, there's something I didn't calculate!"

My internet company (AOL a national company that shows their commercials quite often) charged me the $15 monthly fee. Except, I didn't make a payment this month. Adding insult to injury, my insurance payment processed this morning, so my account is overdrawn, meaning, I will get a $33 charge later this week. Beautiful.

So I call the customer service line and ask them what is going on. I explain my story to the customer service rep., and she basically tells me that when I submitted my credit card info, I automatically gave the company permission to deduct the fee from my account every month. I tell the rep that that makes no sense, b/c I should have the option pay my bill when I'm ready. If I'm late, then yes--I should be penalized, whether it's by cancelling my service or adding a late charge. Every other bill I pay, cell phone, car note, cable, etc. gives me that option. They ask if you'd like to automatically deduct the funds, but leave that up to you.

When I ask if I can change my account so that I can pay when I'm ready, she tells me no.
When I inform her that all other bills I pay give me an option, she makes some smartass comment about how I shouldn't be online if that's the case.

Has anyone ever heard of that? I was under the impression that the company had to give you the option of taking money out automatically, and obviously I'm wrong. :-/ I'm not surprised that AOL national company that shows their commercials quite often uses such a policy.
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