Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

So my computer died today. Completely and totally dead, all it will say is "hard drive error, press ctrl alt del to restart". My system admin (err, boyfriend) says that it's the hard drive, since he can boot linux from the cd rom. I have a 3 year service plan on it from best buy, and was wondering how exactly that would work. When I first bought the computer, the guy kept trying to cheat us, he would tell us features that the machine didn't have and things like that, but my sister (who was currently a best buy employee at a different location) had a friend working there, and we asked him all the info on the machine and he gave us honest answers. I don't want to get cheated tomorrow when I bring in my machine, and I don't know how to do that. Since I don't trust the employees there (one of them I used to work with who redefined coworkers_suck) I was wondering if anyone had any heads up on how to navigate the best buy service plan. The machine died of normal wear and tear, it's a year and a half old and apparently that's all laptops are good for, and I never dropped it or anything, it just got moved around alot and slowly just started being... not good. I've seen people here talk about best buy and I was hoping someone had been through something like this before.

Sorry if this isn't bad service enough to justify a post here (except that one cheating guy) I just have nowhere else to turn and I don't want to end up getting a broken replacement and having all my data lost. I appriciate any help I can get and thank you.

Edit: Apparently my entire computer hasn't died, just the hard drive. The previous post was written on a different computer, but this is written on mine, since my boyfriend booted it from the cd-rom with linux. Apparently everything works except the hard drive itself, which just happened to be my favorite part ::le sigh::
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