fluffy puppy for j00 (kazutakasensei) wrote in bad_service,
fluffy puppy for j00

Sorry to add another 'Ebay is Hell' story...

I'll try and be as blunt as posible. Basically, I purchased 3 Trans-siberian Orchestra CDs off of Ebay for about $50.00. After the concert, I couldn't resist XD

The seller had excellent feedback (still does actually) and emailed me right away after getting my Paypal payment. The seller gave me the tracking number and said I should get them in about a week. So I wait and then I get the package and open it up with my boyfriend.

Well, there were no music CDs in that package, a bunch of newspaper shavings, empty DVD plastic case, 3 CD-Rs, and a small notebook pad. I'm like O_O

So, I email the seller and the seller is shocked and says I need to ask the post office about it. So I do and the post office asks if the package was banged up real bad etc and if I had insurance, and I say no..basically the post office sent me away and said to contact the seller again. The seller then gets defensive and says my stuff was sent and with such good feedback, why would there be a sudden ripoff?

I contact Paypal and start an investigation. The investigation goes back and forth and the seller gives the tracking number and days later....the case ends with me getting nothing. I then call Paypal and the woman tells me that I didn't open it at the post ofice so I have no witness of what was in the package and there's proof of delivery that I got it(my boyfriend doesn't count I guess)and next time, if I need to be more careful blah blah.

I mean, I really wanted those CDs for a Christmas party I'm going to so I'm pretty upset...excellent feedback doesn't mean everything. It was a lot of money to me, not as much as like 1,000 but still. -le sigh- And for some reason, I felt bad about leaving a negative so i left neutral.
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