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Screwup at McDonald's.

On the way home from work tonight, I went through the Drive-Thru of my local McDonald's and ordered a Thai Chicken roll from the Deli Choices menu. Paid for it, got it, drive home.

It's worth noting that with these rolls, they are taped up in packages and it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell what kind of a roll you have until you open it.

10 minutes later, I get it home, it's an Italian.

HATE Italian.

No problem, mistakes are made. I take my Italian back and explain to the girl out front nicely the mixup. She takes back the Italian and they take it out back and lo and behold, replace it with a Thai Chicken (no cash comp, but that's OK, right?)

So I take my Thai Chicken home.

If you guessed it wasn't a Thai chicken, you're wrong :p

It was a Thai chicken... in so much as the people out back had taken the ham and pepperoni off it and merely put some chicken and sauce on instead. It was the same bun, tomatoes, etc. It had been sloppily reshoved together and not even wrapped properly- it was by now cold and fell apart when I opened the bag.

I know it was the same bun from a rip in the side of it I'd accidentally made when opening it the FIRST time.

I sucked it up and ate it, but Not Impressed Much, Maccas. Thumbs down!

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