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Tonight I lost an hour and 45 minutes of my life that I will never get back. I'm sure that the rep I spoke to (and his supervisor) would post about me in customers_suck if they had the chance though. There's a point you get to with a company where you just can't take anymore. I've gotten there with Sprint. I've been with them for almost 5 years now. I'm a great customer. I've stuck it out despite absolutely retarded service. I switched to E-Bill which was fine and dandy until they changed their site. Now I cannot view my bill AT ALL. I can only view the summary. Plus, their reps flat out lie to me almost every single time I call. I hardly ever get the same answer twice.

I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm always extremely nice to the reps when we start talking. If they start getting huffy with me, then I have to turn it up on my end too. I have no problem talking to reps in India. HOWEVER, I hate the fact that they always repeat what you say (at least the Sprint ones do.) It wastes so much time. I know they want make sure that they understand correctly, but it gets really ridiculous when they repeat every.little.thing.

Let me start at the beginning of the year. I get a new phone and a new plan. The plan is $40/month plus I got the Vision service that includes picture uploads, wireless internet, and unlimited text messages for $15/month. Along with that, I am supposed to be getting a $5/month credit a month (so the Vision should only be $10/month if I don't download any extras) that I can choose to use towards ringers, games and applications. Life is good for about a month. Then I move to LA. Where I'm living is in the hills and I hardly get any reception. I call and am assured that they are adding towers around here soon (this is in February...it's now December, no towers yet!) I call to complain about the service (and the fact that even when I do get reception, half the time I can't connect to the web.) The man on the phone (who is actually in Rancho Cordova, by Sacramento) tells me that he's going to give me free roaming. Score! Yeah, but I still don't get reception.

The next month I call back and complain again about the wireless web. The guy on the phone (also in Rancho Cordova) tells me that he will give me another $5/month credit for the inconvenience. This makes me happy. Until I go to pay my next bill and notice that it's almost $200. Panicked, I call them and ask then what the hell the additional usage fees are for. They tell me they are for text messages. I tell them I have unlimited. They tell me I don't. I go back and forth with the guy for a good 30 minutes. He hangs up on me, after not transfering me to a supervisor which I had asked him repeatedly to do. I called back and asked for a supervisor immediately and was transfered to Kristin (I think that was her name.) She told me that the guy who was supposed to credit me didn't actually credit me. He changed my plan to one $5 cheaper, with only 100 text message. I send A LOT of text messages. She explained that she couldn't change it back to the old plan because it's not in the system anymore. She offers to change it to a plan that still only costs me $15/month and credit back all of the text message charges, plus give me a month free for the inconvenience. She really was awesome. I had her number written down, but can't find it for the life of me now. I tore apart my room earlier.

I've had to call them a few times to complain about the internet not working again and they did some update, but told me to go into the store to update (which I HAD done, but when I went in they told me, after I waited 30 minutes, that their tech wasn't in.)

Fast forward to tonight (well last night, technically.) I went online to pay my bill and noticed in the summary that there was no $5 credit. I guess I was so happy before that they credited me that I totally forgot about the $5 credit I was supposed to get every month. I call to find out about this and to get it back. The guy on the phone plays the repeat game with me and hardly speaks any English. He keeps apologizing, but telling me he can't do anything. He doesn't get what I'm saying. We go back and forth. I ask to speak to a supervisor 9 times (yes, I counted) and he kept saying that she was going to tell me the same thing. I don't care. I asked for a supervisor, I should get a supervisor (I honestly don't care if that makes me sound like an entitlement bitch. For the price I pay them every month and the amount of shit I have to put up with, I think that asking for a supervisor is well within my rights.) For thost of you still with me: He still hasn't transfered me and he's now yelling at me and not letting my finish my sentences. I asked him "So someone at your company makes a mistake and I get penalized for it? How is that right? Do you think that's ok?" He wouldn't answer me. No answer, more yelling on his end. I finally scream; "YOUR COMPANY IS ANALLY RAPING ME WITHOUT LUBE OR A CONDOM!" because I've completely had it at that point. I was at my wit's end. My roommate comes in my room, laughing her ass off. She has never seen me that mad before. Ever. He finally transfers me to his supervisor. I get her on the phone, have to explain the entire situation over again. I tell her exactly what I told him (minus the anal rape thing.) She starts fighting with me and yelling at me too. Then she hangs up on me.

Oh no she didn't.

I have to charge my cell phone for a few minutes to get enough juice to call back (We have no home phone at the moment.) I immediately ask for a supervisor. The girl tries to help me. I told her that I was extremely irate and that a supervisor had just hung up on me and that I was sure that she didn't want to take my call. She put me through to a supervisor who pretty much told me that I'm getting a good deal NOW (since they've raised their prices.) But I'm not getting what I signed up for. I can't get that through anyone's heads at Sprint. Their rep went into my account and changed my plan without my consent (which if I'm not mistaken, is illegal) and now they can't and won't change it back or give me my $5/month credit. He does offer me a $25 credit towards my next bill (which I don't refuse because I'm sick of arguing with them at this point and it's obviously not doing any good.) At this point I had been sitting for an hour and a half in the same position (so I would not lose reception.) Now my back hurts. I hate Sprint even more now.

So as far as I can tell I haven't been getting this $5 credit that I am entitled to since March. That's 9 months give or take. I should be getting a $45 credit plus $5 every month from now on. Luckily, I live outside of their "service area." I've spoken to someone in their client retention department who told me that I can get out of my contract with no fees because of that. Bad news, I have bad credit right now. My roommate however gets a discount through work for Cingular. She's going to see if she can get her own phone and get me on as an additional user. I just want to be able to keep my own number (since I've had it almost 5 years now and everyone knows it) and that is probably not a possibility.

Sorry if any of this doesn't make any sense, but I'm extremely tired and it's very late. Does anyone have any advice?
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