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Asshole Agent

So my neighbor down the street, Regina, is a State Farm insurance agent, and she's just starting up her own place. So I was going to transfer our accounts from the State Farm agent that we had but I had never met (I just picked him cause he was closest to our apartment when we still lived there) over to her to help her get some business. Last week I got a letter saying the old State Farm guy had retired and they'd given my accounts to a different guy. Perfect timing, I thought. Now I will have no guilt in switching people. Or so I thought...

Yesterday I ran into Regina's husband at the store and I told him I was going to transfer our accounts. So today I called the place that currently has our accounts and told the agent I wanted to transfer. Easy enough. He asked me why I wanted to switch, and let me know he was experienced and his assistants had been in the business for years. I thought that was a fair thing to ask, so I answered his questions, and let him know I just wanted my accounts to be over nearer to me and with the lady who was my friend and neighbor. Then he asked, "won't you give me 6 months to prove what good service we can provide you?" Um, no. I just asked you to transfer my accounts. Plus, what service? Ideally, you never have to call your insurance agent. So in 6 months I still would have never spoken to him (maybe he was hoping I'd agree, then forget to switch). So I said, no thanks. I'd really like to have my accounts transferred to Regina Hart. I was still being nice at this point.

He gets all huffy and tells me it isn't State Farm's policy to transfer people. He said after six months of trial service, he would transfer me. I have been with several different agents in the past few years, and I always pick the one closest to my house, and NO ONE has had a problem with that before. So I know he was LYING. I said that nevertheless, I wanted to be Regina's customer. THEN he asks nastily, "so, you're saying you WON'T give me 6 months?" I was about to hang up on him and just call Regina and tell her he was being obstinate and to transfer the accounts herself, but I just sat there debating whether I should be a bitch (and worried that my coworkers would hear me being a bitch for what would sound to them like no reason). He said, "you can say no." And I said firmly, "I don't feel that I can. I already said I wanted to transfer my accounts." Then he pulled the "she's my friend and trusted business partner" card. I wanted to ask, "oh, she's YOUR friend? What are her kids names, huh? " but I was so finished talking to him by this time. I told him, no, I just want to have my accounts transferred!!!! At this point, I hated him so much there was no way I was going to keep him. Even if Regina DIED in 10 minutes, I was going to find someone else. So he said, "ok, I'll get started on that." And he hung up on me!

Ooh, that made me mad. He must be desperate for clients (and I can see why he would be) or he is just a pushy bastard.
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