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Maybe bad service...maybe. (from Apple)

I'll just let the emails speak for themselves, first.

email #1 (to the iTunes Music Store Team):

Lately my Shopping Cart on iTunes has become glitchy: first, I couldn't buy songs because the "files were being updated" or something like that; then I was unable to remove songs from the cart; and now I can't access the cart at all.

reply #1:

Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. You should now be able to sign in to the iTunes Music Store and access your shopping cart.

Please note that it was necessary to clear the contents of your shopping cart to resolve the issue you have been experiencing.

If you have been using your shopping cart as a wish list, you may want to create a playlist with a list of the songs you want from the iTunes Music Store. You can add song previews to an existing playlist or create a new iTunes playlist to use as your wish list.

For more information on wish lists, please refer to the following article:

Making an iTunes Music Store wish list

Should you continue to experience an issue with your shopping cart, please reply to this email with a detailed description of the issue along with the text of any error messages you may have encountered.


The iTunes Music Store team


email #2:

On December 10, 2005, I emailed iTMS support about the problem I was having with being able to access my Shopping Cart. I have just received an email in saying that in order for your team to fix my problem, you had to delete all the songs that were sitting in the Cart. I thank you for fixing the problem, and also for making the suggestion of a "wishlist" playlist. However, I was wondering if you could somehow recover the song and album titles that were in my Shopping Cart and email them to me. This would mean a lot to me, since I was using the Cart as a wish list and had, I believe, over 900 songs sitting in it. These songs and albums had been accumulated over several months of browsing, and I would hate to have done all of it for absolutely nothing.

reply #2:

At this time, the service you requested is not offered on the iTunes
Music Store. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the
iTunes Music Store. To ensure your feedback is considered for
possible product enhancements, please visit the Feedback page at

This really sucks.
I don't know if what they did was bad service, per se. I did complain that my Shopping Cart wasn't working properly, and they fixed the problem in the only way they could. But still...damn. All that music I had queued up for myself. Gone.

On a note relating to the "wishlist" playlist they suggested...does anyone know how to drag entire albums into the playlist? The only way I know is by selecting all the songs, then dragging them as one unit; but when I do, they don't show up as a single album I can buy.
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