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Bad Service at Marshall's

So yesterday my mom wanted to do some Christmas shopping and we ended up in a plaza with a Marshall's in it. After not finding what we were looking for at one store, we decided to try Marshall's. It was very busy as one would expect during this time of year. However, we found a lot of nice gifts for friends and family. One of the things that was on the list was a purse for my sister, my mom wanted to get her a nice purse and found one marked down to about $50.00. It was all leather and from Anthropologie, previously selling for $99.99 so we thought it a good deal. We also picked up some shoes and some glass Christmas ornaments.(all this stuff is relevant)

So we get all of our stuff together and get in line and finally get up to the register to pay. The cashier isn't overly rude but she doesn't look too happy to be there either, she barely says two words to us. She starts shoving the stuff down the counter really fast. Keep in mind we had some pretty fragile stuff that we were buying so we weren't to pleased with this. I was cringing as she shoved the boxes of glass ornaments and literally dropped them in a bag. I mean you seriously would've thought this cashier was angry the way she was slamming and shoving things. As if that weren't bad enough she did a horrible job bagging stuff. She stuffed one bag to the point we almost couldn't get our hands through the holes. My mom had bought 4 towels and she put them all in one bag along with some other stuff! And these weren't super large bags, they were pretty small, about the size of a regular grocery store bag. The leather purse? It went inside a bag with the box of shoes. The box being square had sharp corners so we promptly took it out and put it in another bag before leaving because we were afraid of it getting scratched.

Definitely not the worst service I've ever gotten but I was really taken aback, having worked retail before, that someone would be that careless when ringing up and bagging someone's stuff. Had she actually damaged any of our stuff, she would've lost the store money.
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