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A special kind of bad service

DH and I were making a mandatory visit to see his family. To get pretty much anywhere from here, you need to cross through the no man's land that is quebec. When we are forced to make this gauntlet we do our level best to pass through this province as fast as possible.
Unfortunately, on our way back we were all but asleep at the wheel by the time we were half way through and decided it would be safest if we stopped for the night. Our current position put us in a bad situation. There were no chain hotels or even recognizeable exits to speak of. We decided to take our chances with whatever fate put before us at the next available exit.
Thankfully we found a tiny little independant motel by the side of the next off-ramp and we pulled in. I thought it would be fine because they had signs in english and french and "Bilingual" was used repeatedly. I was relieved because I cannot speak french but I can understand it for the most part.

So there we were, completely exhausted from a very long trip. It was one am by the time we stopped and we could barely communicate coherently with each other, let alone try to understand the wench at the front desk. The surly blond in the tube top made no attempt to speak to us when we greeted her AT ALL. She just assumed we wanted a room, shoved the sign in book at us and took our credit card.
But honestly, I didn't care. I just wanted to lie down.
We got our room which was every bit as scummy and nasty as you'd expect a 50year old pressboard and tar-roof no-tell motel to be. You couldn't shower because the water was a beautiful rust brown. The bed was like sleeping on a cardboard box covered with sheets. I was that tired I didn't care. Just a few hours sleep was all I needed and we would be on our way.

DH was exhausted as well but decided he'd stop in the seedy little bar attached to the motel to grab a beer before bed. I would have liked one too but I was simply too tired. So he went off to have a beer.
The next morning (because I didn't even wake up when he came back 15 minutes later) he told me they wouldn't serve him.. at first.
He went into the bar and there were three people. The blond from the desk, the bartender and some guy at a table by himself. DH had approached the bar and asked for a beer. The barkeep just stared at him. The blond stared as well. He tried again. Then he tried pointing at an empty beer bottle sitting on the bar.
Now I asked him if he had been polite. There's no need to be rude. I know you were tired and strung out but there's no reason to insult people because you are having a bad day.
No, he swore to me he did nothing of the sort.
"I said Please, can I have a beer." and pointed at the bottle and smiled.
No response. They both stood there staring at him.
Then the bartender said something in french and the blond laughed.
DH then said, "Le beer?" and the jackass behind the bar threw him a beer, in the bottle, no glass, and then waited with his hand out.
DH was startled at the response. But he'd pretty much lost his taste for a beer. He put it on the bar unopened, said, "Uh, never mind" and left.
The bartender was right behind him with a BASEBALL BAT threatening him in french. DH had no clue what this ignorant fuck wanted and didn't even know what was wrong. He assumed they were trying to rob him.
He said something like "I'm calling the cops" and tried to get to the payphone but the blond got in the way. She said something to the bartender which included the word police which I guess the idiot didn't want to hear because they argued about it.
DH took the opportunity to leave.
He told me he sat up half the night waiting for this guy to break in to the room. He honestly didn't know if we were going to leave that place unharmed.

In the morning we packed and left early. There was a different person at the front desk but she made no attempt to speak to us either. She took our key and pushed a bill across the desk. It included a charge for a movie we didn't watch and the charge for a beer that DH didn't drink. We paid it and left.
As we drove away it was my feverent hope that the place burned to the ground as soon as possible.
I could almost understand the whole issue with the beer if it weren't for the fact that these idiots were quite capable of understanding (and most likely speaking) english. Pretending you don't understand someone simply because you've got a racist bug up your ass is NOT acceptable. Le beer?? That's not french. That's fringlish. And it's bloody ignorant.

Thus ended my first last and only stop in quebec.
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