rowancrisp (rowancrisp) wrote in bad_service,

Hey, Target Manager?

Yeah, thanks. When I came back to the store freaking because an entire bag of stuff - worth about twenty dollars out of the ninety-dollar purchase I made - apparently didn't make it out of the store with me, and I showed you my receipt? The proper response is not "stop trying to scam me".

Yeah, fuck you too. A lot of those things were for my daughter, who I haven't seen in months thanks to joint custody. Oh, I have to buy them again if I want them? Sure, they were a buck apiece, but not everyone can piss away money thanks to your worker being stupid.

Maybe if you had hired a fucking competent clerk rather than the twit who couldn't stop chattering at the clerk in the aisle next to her, I wouldn't HAVE this problem. I admit, I shouldn't have trusted her when I asked her if all my stuff was in the cart, but I was dealing with a tired, cranky toddler's desire for HAT. NOW.

Congratulations, Target Manager. Because you wouldn't even TRY to help me, even if it was to find out if that bag o' stuff had been placed somewhere, I'm -never- shopping at your store again, I'm writing to corporate, AND my friends are abstaining as well.

Happy fucking holidays, Target Manager. I hope you get sodomized by turtles. *Very slowly.*

Edited to add:

I win at life. The manager? Fired. Apparently people overheard the way he was treating me. People who knew the store manager.

I called today to complain.

"Oh. So you're THAT woman. Yes, how about you come in and bring your receipt, and we'll replace your items AND give you a gift card?"
"Uh... buh?"
"The manager who gave you a hard time is no longer employed by our company."
"Did I do that?"
"Indirectly, yes. So, don't worry, we're very sorry about the way you were treated and we're going to try to fix it."

Happy happy happy fun dance. I am going to get my stuff tomorrow. And Target won my business back. Thanks, everyone, for the commiseration.
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