Pav (pavlovskitty) wrote in bad_service,

Dear CVS photochick,

Thank you for taking us on your register when you saw the only other cashier was slammed. However, you were a bitch. Yes, I realized it was 5:30, and there were a bazillion other customers in line. I handed you an Amex gift card with exactly $2.77 on it. I know because I called and checked the balance before I entered the store. I chose CVS, because the week earlier, a gallon of milk was advertised for $2.50. It was now $2.99. I would not have dug that gift card out unless I absolutely needed it, and being that I had no milk at my house for my kids, and payday wasn't until tomorrow, I absolutely needed it.

I told you the balance on the card, and told you that I had the cash to pay the difference. You swiped the card, and said it was denied. I suggested politely you may have to enter it differently, since the card was 22 cents short the total. You swiped it again, and said, it's giving me an error, saying there's nothing on the card, which was not what your error said. You looked at me accusingly, while I tried patiently to corral my toddler and people behind me were getting antsy. I again explained that you would probably need to enter it different, blahblahblah, and said perhaps you should put the cash part in first.

So you call the manager over, since this was apparently too much for your brain to handle. And she had to stop and help the other cashier first, so I had to wait even longer, convincing my toddler that he really didn't want any of the candy facing him at his eye level. I then got to explain to your manager the situation as calmly and politely as I could, while you, the photowench, whined that my card was no good. After two additional tries, your manager handled the transaction the way I suggested, putting in the 22 cents cash first, and then running the gift card, and OMGs, it went through.

Since I was nothing but polite the entire time, I would have at least expected a thank you, not to mention an apology for your attitude. Oh well.
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