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Maybe its just that she creeps me the hell out, but I think this is bad service. And just plain creepy.

We've been here before and gotten crappy service, but we hoped the same woman wouldn't be working. Sadly she was, but we stayed anyway because at least the pizza is good and surely she can't always be that bad, right? Well, no, she can be. Firstly she was wandering around the tables, not actually doing anything, while we waited by their seating sign. The hardbitten old lady who was there sat us and took our drink order. Now, my guy had to leave for a little bit, so I said we'd order when he got back and just sipped on my soda. Probably just should've goen ahead and ordered, but oh well. She actually did check back on our table to see if he was back yet, but as he wasn't just assired me she'd come by when he had. Called me baby and sweety. o.O

When he did get back a few minutes later, we decided and waited for her to come back. Watched five minutes pass and she had just been wandering around aimlessly again, so my guy got up and tried to attract her attention, but she'd grabbed some dishes and had taken them in the back. He went up to the counter to inquire and she said she'd be right over to take the order. At this time the girls in the booth behind us got up and refilled their drinks. I had heard them do the gargly we're out of drink suck a little after I got my drink. When she saw this she called to them how sorry she was a few times and then took our order. She went away to, I assume, clean more tables. Time passes. They refill the buffet and my guy watches the oven. He used to work at a Pizza Hut in another town and when he came to Jacksonville he tried to go to this one. The reason they rejected his application was because he 'wouldn't fit in'. Hmm I wonder why...

About 24 minutes later she brings out extremely flat breadsticks. My guy explains that's what happens if you press to hard on the mold. Ok. They were warm this time, so we munched on them ravenously. A few minutes later she brings out our pizza and TOUCHES IT, serving us each a slice. Now, I can understand she really wants a tip, but Nu. No touchie of our food. When she serves my guy she keeps telling him how sorry she is that the slice is a big one, instead of just leaving it alone. Then she wanders away. We devour happily enough. We finished everything off, but a three slices, so he goes and gets a box. She notices we have wedding rings on and starts to chat at him about it and asks if I'm also pregnant, which I am. He tells her this, he knows I'm not particularly fond of people who have no business knowing being told this. Especially not creepy servers.

When I once again inform him of this he says he was just being nice. Grr, you don't have to tell people the truth just to be nice, its not like she'd know the difference if he'd just said no. He left a dollar and some change on the table and we paid. As we were leaving she says "Y'all keep me informed now! Be sure to tell me what it is when you find out, sugar. Have a nice day now, sweeties." We scurry away, vowing never to return and just go to the one in Anniston, a bit more of a drive, but the service was way better and not creepy.

Maybe it wasn't as bad as all that, but the endearments and the 'keep me informed' about something so personal when we've seen her twice at a pizza shop.... no. I know I am FAR too sensative about endearments, they freak me out when I get them from complete strangers, but those went beyond the normal ones.
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