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Grrrr at my favorite burger/bar place

So, long story short, my boyfriend and I were meeting his cousin and her boyfriend for dinner (before a UCONN *go UCONN* basketball game) at one of my favorite restaurants. While driving, he got a call saying she was already there, and they put their name on the list. So, we get there, and ask the hostess if they are on the list. (Without looking) she says "I don't know... but you're welcome to look around." So, we take a look around... we looked at all the tables, and didn't see them. As we're leaving, we pass by the hostess, and someone is asking if he was called yet. "Yeah," she says... But I couldn't see you."
He replied that they were waiting in the bar, just like she asked them to. "I couldn't see you" she said again. ooooooookay
So we went outside to call them to make sure we were at the right place. Finally, they call us back and tell us they are in the bar, which is where the hostess pointed them. So, we look in the bar, and sure enough they are sitting at the bar, in clear sight.
After a while, we realize we'd been there a while, and really wanted to get out of there before our basketball game started, so my boyfriend went to ask the hostess.

H- Hostess

H: I didn't see you.
U: We were right at the bar, where you asked us to wait.
H: I didn't see you.
U: Okay, but can you seat us?
H: There's someone paying now, then you can have their table.
U: Okay. *make small talk with each other as she goes off somewhere*

Hostess returns

H: Welcome to blah blah, we've got a 20 minute wait, but if you would like i'll take your name.
U: Ummm... you already have our name. So-and-So.
H: Okay *as she writes it down* And how many?
U: 4, but you told us we were called, and you had a table for us... is it ready yet?
H: Oh. I don't know... let me check.

Hostess returns

and no joke, the entire conversation repeated itself... but finally someone told her it was ready, so we were seated.

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