I confess: You're a bigger idiot than I thought! (lunza) wrote in bad_service,
I confess: You're a bigger idiot than I thought!

Dear IT people where I work,

When you move my computer next time, please make sure you hook it up to the infernal network before you run away to your meeting or Starbucks or have a mini-DOOM tournament or whatever it is you people were doing for 45 minutes instead of answering the phone when I called several times to ask you to come hook me up to the network so I can work.

And then when I do finally reach a live person, do NOT tell me to crawl under my desk and see if the computer's hooked up, and then tell me that I should hook it up myself. It's not that it's all that hard; I'm perfectly capable of doing this ... but, you see, it AIN'T MY JOB, as you keep telling me when I want to do something with my computer like install software that I need to do my real job. Frankly, if that's the way you're going to be, I could have moved my own damn computer to my new desk, set it up exactly the way I like instead of the way you did, and saved us all a lot of time.

Make up your damn minds already,


P.S. While you were here, why didn't you install those two new fonts so I don't keep getting "FONT _________ NOT FOUND" messages when I boot a certain program?
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