Lilenth (lilenth) wrote in bad_service,

How does this guy stay in business?

I brought a frost free freezer 3 years ago, so far:

It started icing up within a week of it being delivered.
It took ten fucking visits to the guy who sold me it and over a YEAR to get him to take it back and see about repairing it.
It was "repaired" and came back with fucking dents in the side. By this point it was like nevermind so long as it works.
This morning about a year and a half on, there is water all over my kitchen floor and ice in the bottom of this frost free fridge freezer... It's broken again.

Seriously, I don't know how this guy remains in business, this fridge freezer he sold me has been nothing but a headache and this is the second time it's fucking put water all over my floor, the first time they hadn't put the water hose back into the slot when they returned it after repairing it.

Edit: reported it to the consumer watchdog. They can't do anything because it's been nearly 3 years now despite agreeing that the service I've received has been abysmal, however they've put it in the records, if he gets further complaints they can haul him over hot coals.

And I've brought a new one, this time from a big store which has a three year guarantee on it.
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