Rouk (roukzeptea23) wrote in bad_service,

I love apple and their products but this time they've messed up. On Nov 5 I ordered a case for my ipod nano from apple's website. It said it would ship in 2-3 weeks and I got an estimated date of Nov 30. On Nov 30th they changed the delivery date to Dec 8 and notified me by e-mail. That's ok, I understand that a lot of people want this case and they may have a lot of orders. Today, however, my order is listed on their website as set for a Dec 30th delivery. I was not notified by e-mail (annoying). This is nearly 2 months after I ordered and they still have 2-3 weeks until shipping listed on their website. I looked around the website for someone I could send a polite e-mail about my order to because I'm a bit upset that it's taking two months to get me my order and that I wasn't notified the second time they made the change. But they do not have someone to e-mail for CS concerns on their website, just the phone number which I'd rather not call this morning. I understand a delay in getting me the case, but this much of a delay is ridiculous along with them not really letting me know what's going on. :(
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