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Dear Paypal and my bank.
The payment was denied on Tuesday. According to your FAQs, Paypal, you will credit the card that I used...which means that the money would go directly to my bank account. In fact, my info says that I was indeed credited.
However, over 100 dollars has now disappeared into cyberspace. Completely and totally. Which leads me to you, bank. There is NO indication whatsoever that said $141.00 was returned to me; it isn't listed under the "pending transactions" list in my checking account. I can see the paycheck that I deposted this morning listed; you've had three days to stick that money back in.

So, where is my money? Hrm? Tomorrow, at noon, if I don't see any sign of said money, I'm going to my bank. Actually, I'm going anyways, because they charged me twice. Yes, I know that I was overdrawn. But if you look at how much I had, it really isn't surprising. It was one of those things...get gas, and food, to go to work (overnight, which means that I need to bring healthy snacks and drinks), or starve and be unable to get down to work to earn said money. Vicious cycle, really.

But bollocks. I need the money...for all that I just stuck a VERY nice paycheck in, and in the next two pay cycles will have two more nice paychecks coming (including one week where I get full time hours...yay!). I only get paid every other week! The holidays are coming, and I need money for gas and food. I'm not going home home until a week from Saturday, and between then and now I've got at least three quarters of a tank of gas to use up (for work), food to buy for the days that I won't be able to eat here at school...I'm thinking that this is the year that I'm going to sell back my chemistry textbooks. Goodness knows that come Monday at 4 PM I won't need them anymore!
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