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Open letter, crossposted from personal journal

ear EarthLink:

What the HELL is up with this charge on my credit card for $154.55?? Six months after I cancelled????? Grr. I'm afraid I have no choice but to dispute the charge this time. Especially after the charge for $108 a couple months ago that you said had been resolved. (That credit, BTW, still has not shown up, nor have I gotten the official letter of cancellation I was told would be sent.)

I guess you haven't noticed that I haven't logged on since *JUNE*????? Or that SBC disconnected that phone line in JULY!!!????? Should not some red flag be going off in your system??

Five years of excellent service when I was a customer, now, shitty service. I guess that since you no longer need to keep me happy, you can make screwups. I'm still recommending you to people, but I just may have to reconsider that opinion if you don't straighten this out. I expect a full credit for $162.55 by the end of March, or else.

Your grouchy and annoyed FORMER customer,
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