Phoenix (anduril_phoenix) wrote in bad_service,

From awhile back...

This happened a little while back, but I thought was worth raging about still. My boyfriend, Goat, and I went to the McDonalds near where he's staying at. No big deal, right? Well, service was slow as hell in the drive through, and I forgot to ask for some sauce for my chicken nuggets. Also no big deal, right? So Goat parks and goes in to get me some sauce. The woman in there took one look at his Marilyn Manson shirt, and it went from there...

CB: Christian bitch behind the counter
M: the manager
G: My baby!!

CB: That shirt is sick.
G: Excuse me?
CB: *looks at his pentacle ring* Well, you people are weird anyway.
M: *is standing right there just watching*
G: *gets number for corporate office and their names and leaves*

Now that shit royally pissed me off. Who the hell does that bitch think she is to tell anyone that they're sick and weird for the way they dress--and especially for their religion?! If I had been the manager there, and that had been MY employee, you better believe I would have done more than just stand there like a fucking idiot. I would have yelled at that bitch til she cried, fired her, and made sure she never worked at another McDonalds again. Needless to say, it's a real good thing I wasn't in there at the time.

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