Kyaa the Catlord (kyaathecatlord) wrote in bad_service,
Kyaa the Catlord

My circuit city experience.

I went to circuit city armed with a print out of the DS price from Target earlier. I read their 110% price match guarantee. Multiple times.

They didn't match it when they phoned Target and I said "fine, I'll go buy it at Target, will you honor your price match if I bring in the receipt?" the clerk said "yes."

I come back after buying it at Target for the lovely $99 price point and said, "see, they honored it." so the clerk called her manager and they went into the back and discussed it. She comes out a few minutes later to say her manager was not going to honor their guarantee. So I got his name and their customer service number. I phoned it. Waited on hold for like 30 minutes. I finally get helped by someone with a very thick Indian accent.... "We don't match their advertised price, only their normal price." she says. I'm like "what? that isn't what your sign says." I am like "And I have to say as someone who works with customers, the manager shouldn't have sent the clerk out to inform me of his decision, he should have done so himself." "I'm sure he had a good reason," the CS agent says then hangs up on me.

I have to say I'm pissed off. I'm never shopping at Circuit City again. That is bullshit.

(This is my first post here. Yay!)
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