Melody (poisonunicorn) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service?

X-mas for me this year has been hard on me, and since I needed money, I went to Cash America Pawn shop to pawn my one carat 3 stone ring until I get paid in Jan. I go to cash America and the girl who helps me looks at it and has the nerve to tell me it is not one carat but instead half carat.

I told her no, the last ring I had purchased was a half carat and I had upgraded to a full carat. The girl says to me that she measured the diamonds and it is only a half carat and that is what she is going to put in the computer. I told her I don't think so, I know what I have. She told me that jewelers are notorious for over pricing their jewelry. I agree on somethings they have, but with this ring, it is a 200 dollar difference between Kays and Joe Diaches. She argued with me, and so I told her nevermind and left the store.

I bet she never measured the diamonds or wanted to give me the bare minium OR she was going to put it in the computer as a half carat so when I went back they would give me a half carat ring and not MY full carat ring. I ended up going to a pawn shop close to my house and getting more and the guy there told me it was in fact a little above a carat.

That girl at the other shop needs to pull her head out of her ass and listen to a customer.

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