cherry blossom girl (_newcitylights) wrote in bad_service,
cherry blossom girl

this time, the customer *was* right...

dear asshole at Rao's in Amherst who yelled at me today,

Every time I go into your stupid coffee shop and try to use your free internet after paying for my coffee, the router has to be turned off and on again (this takes 1 second, really) before it recognizes my (or anyone's) computer. This is standard. Really.

I'm there at least 3 times a week and every time when I ask the nice coffee-making-person, they happily oblige and then it works. So there was no need to yell at me today and be a bastard when I asked you to do it, so I could do my homework instead of wasting two hours staring at the walls.

There was really no call to give me a *lecture* about being selfish, or to literally yell at me like I was retarded and had no idea what I was talking about.

Worse still, it was the tone of voice you took, which really did say, you stupid girl, what the hell do you know about computers?! Clearly, it's you who has no idea what you're doing.

Yes, I came in dressed in feminine clothing, I'm a girl with long hair and all the girly trimmings. But that doesn't mean that I'm not a certified network administrator with 2 years of experience working with this stuff. Oh, yeah, I am, by the way. Not that it matters, it takes no experience to understand what I was asking you to do. A switch. Flip it off. Then on again. No one will even notice the tiny blip in their internet connection.

I was asking you politely, and you were a bastard. And because you refused to go look at the little box on the wall, I had to waste 2 hours wandering around Amherst until my ride came.

All I ask is that next time someone asks you something totally reasonable, you at least take a moment to *consider* that they might know what they're talking about before you make their bad day that much worse.

Thank you,
half sweet raspberry italian soda girl.
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