Rogue (ex_shattered767) wrote in bad_service,

Didn't your old slogan used to be "where service is state of the art"?

A few months ago the family PC randomly stopped working. It would not turn on, and we double-checked the cords and all that. So about 2 months ago, my mom took it in to Circuit City, where she bought it 2 years ago. To be clear, the warranty was for only 1 year and she hadn't purchased a propection plan for it, but she figured since she bought it there they'd be able to fix it and she's just pay for it out of pocket.

A person who did not work in the computer/notebook department originally took it and filled out the work order. He admitted he was not from that department and was only guessing it was the power supply. So my mom told him that she wanted it checked to make sure that's what it was and they needed to call her before doing anything, to confirm that's what it was.

A month goes by and nothing. So she goes back in to find out what's up. Turns out they hadn't even looked at the thing. Manager comes out and admits it should've taken only a few days, a power supply is easy to put in and they have them there in the store. So my mom pays $100 and they put it in.

Get it home, go to plug the cord in, and it slid right into the case.

So we bring it back; turns out they didn't screw it in, it was just sitting in the case not attached to anything. Their excuse? The holes didn't match up. The manager tells them that in that case, you make new holes and screw it in.

We eventually get it back home again, and now it won't boot correctly. Windows loads, and then the desktop image comes up with no icons, no taskbar. Keyboard shortcuts do nothing, the Windows key doesn't bring up the Start menu. And literally every other time we try to turn it off (by pressing and holding the power button on the front of the tower, since they keyboard and mouse wouldn't do anything) it refuses to turn off, or even shut down. I attempt to boot with the backup CD in, to wipe the drives and reinstall Windows, and it claims there's no keyboard attached.

So today my mom took it back and I went with her. Mind you, this is the 5th trip my mom has made.

And we find out that they never checked to make sure it was working before they gave it back to us (my mom had made them plug it in when picking it up to make sure it would turn on, but she didn't think to make them boot it with a monitor attached). They never checked to make sure the power supply was indeed the problem. They claimed that plugging their keyboard in works fine (though they never got any further than we did at home). And they think that doing a boot with the backup disk and a wipe/reinstall like I originally planned will fix it.

Only they wanted another $60 to do it.

To add insult to injury, the manager that previously helped my mom disappeared as soon as he spotted us and the employees helping us, who have been dealing with my mom from the get-go, were taking phone calls while helping us and not touching our computer while they took the phone calls (and considering the laughing I heard from the employee, I'm pretty sure it was a personal call) as well as walking off to talk to other customers while helping us.

I'm going to attempt to wipe the drives again tonight; I'll update with the results just to prove how little the employees know.

Edit: Apparently the keyboard went out at the same time, but I plugged a different one in and did a wipe/reinstall no problem, took a whole 15 minutes tops. Computer magically works.

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