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I actually just posted this as a comment to someone's comment a few posts down, but I figured it warranted it's own post.

Several years ago, I was invited to my best friend's aunt's wedding. Given my normal wardrobe of approximately 2 pairs of jeans and maybe 4 plain tshirts, I didn't have anything appropriate to wear--and at that point, I was extremely hard up financially, so I didn't really have the money to buy anything, either.

Well, this aunt, out of the kindness of her heart, gave me a gift certificate for Dillard's at Christmas, in addition to a few other things--so I could "buy something nice"--since she knew I was worrying about being able to attend as I had no good clothes.

Never having gone to Dillard's before, and naturally wary of any store that sells exclusively clothing (note: I hate shopping for clothes) as I am a Woman of Size and am therefore harder to shop for, I bit my lip and entered the local Dillards, in my usual jeans, sandals, and plain tshirt a few days later.

And immediately, all nearby salespeople observed this, and fled in all directions. I could almost hear crickets.

Puzzled, as I was at that time still un-scarred by the evils of the general world (read: had just moved out of a 'sheltered' life at home with my mother) and therefore non-cynical, I continued on my way, lost, confused, and wondering if they actually had a department that contained larger sizes. After wandering around for a while, and making my way up to the top floor, I was finally approached by an older, sour looking woman. I smiled, and, she did not smile back. Instead, she walked briskly up to me, stopped suddenly in front of me, crossed her arms, and said very snippily, "We don't carry YOUR SIZE in THIS STORE." She then glared at me for a moment, turned heel, and walked away.

I don't know what makes me angrier, the fact that I was treated that way, or the fact that I was so used to taking abuse like that at that time that I continued on in that store and bought something anyway. (Yes, obviously, I found something there IN MY SIZE.) XP
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