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This weekend I wrote my first letter of complaint ever. Honestly, I was too disgusted not to.

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I am not sure whether or not to classify this as bad service, as I didn't get any service as such... but how else would you define offensive commercials? If it's too off-topic, please do delete the post.

A bit of background - one of the major electronic shops (selling computers, tvs, dvds, stereos as well as cds and movies etc.) in Denmark has as it's tag line "There is always a reason to go to Fona". The commercials play upon this by various means: showing two men carrying a TV up a narrow staircase and then dropping it, a man being so annoyed with his slow computer that he breaks it, a woman being so wrapped up in a cell phone conversation that she steps into the shower still holding the phone etc. All of them rather amusing and showing situations you can, if not relate to, then at least understand.

However, this weekend they started using two new commercials which disgusted me. The first one shows a man talking on a cell phone saying "I love you too. You know how much you mean to me. Why don't we..." and then he interrupts himself and throws the cell out the window as a woman (presumably his wife or live-in girlfriend) walks into the room.

The second one is even worse. A boy (age 16 probably) walks into a room, catching his father making out with a young woman. He (the father) acts very embarrassed, but tries to brush it off, by introducing her as a colleague, mentioning team building etc. but then sighs and says "What was it you wanted for Christmas?"

After the first one, I was merely annoyed, but when they showed the second one I was both shocked and appalled. To have not one but two commercials joking about people cheating? I really think this is a case of extremely bad judgment. Infidelity is not something to make fun of or take lightly. Thankfully I've never been in a situation where a partner cheated on me, but even I was offended by these commercials, so imagine how somebody who's actually had this happen to them personally would feel.

So, I wrote and told them so. I know I'm only one person, so I don't imagine it'll make much of a difference to them, but maybe, just maybe, it'll make them think twice another time. I mean, is this really the signal they want to send out? And if it is, then I certainly don't want to support their business any longer. Which is a shame, as it is one of the best shops of its kind in DK.

But tell me - am I being over-sensitive about this, or would such commercials disturb you too?

Edit The general opinion seems to be that it is I who is too sensitive. Ok, good to know ;-) I'm actually glad that's the case.
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