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Dear Mosaik Mastercard:

You guys are a bunch of fuckups who can't even get the rules straight as to who you approve. You wasted my time and effort and got my hopes up for nothing, as well as resources of your own sending me a card that you immediately cancelled due to your own mistake. I'm starting up my own business and it would've helped to have a bit of credit to get some equipment with. But obviously help won't come from you. And the sad thing is that the reason you weren't willing to provide me with a card is probably a mistake I made **6 YEARS AGO**, which means that in 3 or 4 months I'll be able to get a card without any issues. But rather than reducing the limit or just getting your shit straight in the first place and giving me a valid reason for not being approved, you fuck up on a grand scale and can't even be arsed to leave any information as to why.

I feel sorry for anyone in your company who dares call me in a sales capacity. They're going to wish they were never born by the time I'm done with them. And in a few months, when I get approved for a Visa, you're going to be kicking yourself in the ass.

In short, EAT ME.



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