becca (starph1sh) wrote in bad_service,

not the worst, but still rude.

i got a $50 gift card to victoria's secret for my 23rd birthday. i was really excited, so i took it to the mall yesterday to do some damage. i entered the store and began browsing. i noticed a super cute sales associate talking to a customer near me. the sales associate was really put together and looked great. she had a nose ring that she wore well, pigtails, a coordinated outfit and matching cute little hat (she was japanese and looked adorable with the nosering/pigtails/hat thing).

when she finished with the customer next to me, she turned to me and said "hi! welcome to vic..." *looks me up and down* turns and walks away.

needless to say i was offended. i ONLY buy bras from vikkies and i had money to spend. i'm assuming she didn't think i was worth her time because i was dressed in jeans and my favorite t-shirt (my great dane rescue babydoll!) and flip flops.

it hurt my feelings but i made up for it with a $45 new bra and some really cute new PJ shorts. i spent the gift card money and then some, and a much friendlier sales associate got credit for the sale.
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