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So I decided to return a purse that was too large for what I carry. It was more of a nuisence than worth it. Plus the strap was too short to actually use on your shoulder with a heavy coat (WI girl here). Receipt says "30 days return with receipt" so I thought no big deal right?! Oh boy was I wrong. I bought said purse from a 'discount store' TJ Maxx to be exact. Not sure if its a nationwide thing or not. They basically get the out of season, couldnt sell, overstock from many department stores. The purse was of the J Lo line, nylon with black sequins, (important later!!) ANYWAYS!

I walk in, up to the customer service desk, pull out the purse, reciept and tags and intend on getting my refund.

Me- Just return my diaper bag of a purse please
Sales Ass- This isnt LEATHER!!!
Manager- OH NO WE'RE NOT!!

Me- Hi id like to return this, I dont carry enough stuff to need a purse this big *hands over receipt and tags*
Sales Ass- MMMMk *runs to register and grabs blue book* MS. KAY!!! we have an ISSUE here
Manager- Sure whats up
Sales Ass- This isnt the right tag! Code __ is for a leather handbag, this is NOT leather nor a handbag.
Me- 0_0 whats the problem
Manager- Let me go see if we have this bag
Sales Ass- Im going to go help Ms Kay, Joe watch this purse
Both come back
Manager- We dont have this bag and I dont recognize it
Me- Well its a slim chance you would have it, as this isnt a direct dealer and you claim you get new shipments daily, I would assume you dont get more than a few of the same item
Manager- Well your tags arent on the item so Im refusing to let you return it, I cant verify the purse with the tag
Me- Look at the receipt. The price i paid matches the tag, can you please just return this I dont have much time
Sales ass- UH NO! We dont recognize this purse and it doenst match the tag!!
Me- So its my fault someone keyed the wrong code and this isnt leather? Im sure I could find atleast 5 other things in this store whose tags dont match the item
Sales Ass- We're not doing it, take it back to the store you bought it from *crosses arms*
Manager- Yea take it to the store and they'll recognize it, im not helping you. *walks away*
Me- snatches purse, tags and receipt from sales ass *leaves*

I drove 25 minutes to the next store.

Walk up to the counter where Customer Service Chic is helping someone already, i wait patiently until...

Customer Service Chic = CSC
Customer- Lady

CSC- yea some girl is at our other location trying to return something whose tags dont match, they were calling to warn us.
Customer- Thats too bad
CSC- Yea, how pathetic is it to switch tags
ME- UM excuse me, I believe you're talking about ME
CSC- Oh... 0_0... you came from the other store??? =/
Me- Uh yea
CSC- oh... ill be with you in a minute
me- Yes i drove all the way from the other location to return this. they didnt believe the tag was from this purse, Its not my fault the person who tags purses here doesnt know the difference between leather and vinyl.
CSC- *Looks over tags and purse*
Me- The tag is the price on the receipt, I understand tag switchers, but this is legit, the original price of the purse was $60, your price was $29, the tag says "originally $60- our price- $29"
CSC- Ill do it I guess....... but next time leave the tags on whatever you buy until you're sure you're keeping it
Me- Maybe your receipt should specify all that and not just "Refunds with receipt before 30 days"

I got my refund, but felt like such a criminal. I know people who have been arrested for shop lifting for tag switching. It was an honest return. Im sorry the code on the tag didnt match the purse but thats the way I bought it. I shouldnt be blamed nor punished for something one of their employees did. I couldnt believe store A called store B to "warn them" about me coming in. I could see if it was obviously something not worth $30 that I was returning for $30, but its a J LO purse for christ sakes, originally $60 its not going to be under $30 resale. =( guess I wont be going back to store A if Im looked at as a criminal.
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