Top Secret (thanksinadvance) wrote in bad_service,
Top Secret

Last year I was shopping for clothes; I completely forget which store it was at, but it was in the mall somewhere. I was sort of surprised that the price tag on a skirt said $9.99, because it was pretty uncharacteristic of the rest of the prices in the store (excluding sale items), but I wasn't complaining. I also bought two shirts.

At the cash... the shirts scanned right, but then the skirt rang up at $49.99.

Cashier: "That'll be [whatever]".
Me: (as politely as possible) "Oh... um... the skirt rang up for $49.99 but the price tag says $9.99." (I point)
Cashier: (screams) "WHAT?!?!??!" (She glares at me)
Me: "..."
Cashier: "..."
Me: "..."
Cashier: "Do they ALL have the same price tag?!"
Me: "Yes..."
Cashier: "I don't believe you."

She then screamed across the store, which is tiny, to a girl in the back. Luckily there weren't a lot of customers in the store, and the ones that were there looked pretty uncomfortable.

Cashier: "MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!! MELISSA, GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!"

The girl named Melissa came up to the front. Cashier rudely instructed her to make sure that the skirts were all priced at $9.99. Melissa returned and confirmed that they were. Cashier asked, "are you SURE?!" and eventually went to check for herself. When she returned...

Cashier: "You fucking priced them wrong! Now I have to give her this skirt for $9.99 instead of $49.99 and it's all your fucking fault!"
Melissa: "Okay, sorry."
Cashier: "God, you're so stupid."

I was standing there in shock the whole time. The other customers had fled in fear by that point. So, she rang up my purchases (I got the skirt for $10, yay!), nearly destroying my credit card in her viscious swiping. During the whole process she ranted at Melissa about how much she hated her job and how stupid Melissa was for making a mistake and how all she wanted to do was go home and get drunk but stupid customers were getting in the way.

The next day I went back and spoke to a manager. He was really nice, and didn't seem surprised. Melissa was there as well, and backed me up. Apparently that had been her first day, and the other girl was training her. The other girl TOLD her to price the skirts that way.

Last time I went in there, Melissa was also in there, and she told me the other girl was fired. And she gave me her employee discount. Score!

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