dacross71 (dacross71) wrote in bad_service,

Hi, first time poster.

This didn't happen to me, but to my (then) fiance.

My fiance, her mother, and her maid of honor had gone wedding dress shopping (which is why I didn't see it happen). They went to the Davids Bridal in Fargo/West Fargo (on the border) ND. The entire time they were in there, they felt eyes watching them. It took a long time for an associate to acknowledge them and ask if they needed help. Since they were just browsing, they declined. The rest of the time they were in there, there was always an associate nearby, watching them, and fixing this, or straightening that, following them around the store like they were going to steal something.

It was a wedding dress store, that sold a small amount of jewelry on one endcap, it wasn't like they were going to take a dress and shove it up their shirt or anything. None of them had large purses, no backpacks, and since it was summer, they were wearing shorts and t-shirts. All three of them were wearing engagement rings as well, so it wasn't like they were trying to start trouble or loiter around.

Not the worst bad service, but it did make my mother-in-law mad (we're married now, this was last summer). The maid of honor got her dress there, but my fiance got hers in the Twin Cities, and just raves about the help the clerks were.
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