Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

Due to a banking snafu (that was my own fault) we are several hundred dollars in the negative. Of course, the sad fact about this is that 80-90% of that money is all in fees charged for NSF. But while I'd like them to reverse the fees, I am realistic to know that isn't happening. How else would they make a profit if they didn't charge you $32 for every $5 you bounce?

But here is my gripe. On top of all of this, my paychecks for 8 weeks of temp work I did in October and November have all bounced. Now, I deposited them weeks and weeks ago, but only just now and am I getting the letters that they checks have bounced.

Here is what kills me. Not only have the withdrawen the money that the paychecks were for (which I understand) but they have CHARGED ME $6.50 for every check that bounced. Because apparently, I'm supposed to have psychic powers and know that these checks that cashed just fine last time I worked for the company are going to bounce. Apparently, it is my fault they have bounced. What kind of jacked up shit is that?

But here is what really kills me. In each letter I got from Suntrust that told me that such and such check bounced and they are taking that money out plus their little fee, they say on the top that if the original checks aren't enclosed to call them.

So, I call them as my original checks are not enclosed. And apparently, those checks disappear into some sort of void or something. They can't even tell me what checks they are. I know it's those checks because other than checks from this company I only deposit cash. But I'd at least like confirmation so I don't call up my place of work yelling for nothing. However, they can't tell me because they don't keep track of stuff.

If I want any confirmation, I have to pay $5.00 for each transaction. Why? Because apparently Suntrust doesn't like to leave a papertrail is all I can figure.

I've talked to other coworkers whose checks have also bounced and they were told to run the old checks through again. Gee, I can't do that without the checks, can I? Makes it pretty damn difficult.

What kills me is that everyone else I've talked to (who bank with other banks) had their checks mailed back to them from their banks with no fees and no problems. Apparently, my bank doesn't work that way.

I'm so frustrated with this bank. I didn't even pick this one originally, but my old small nice bank got bought up by this monster. What really kills me is in the 4 months Suntrust has owned our bank I have gone into the negative more times than I can count. I've probably paid close to $1000 in fees in the past few months. And only this last time was it in any way explainable. Every time before that it's been damn fishy. When I was with the other bank I think I went into the negative once in the the 4 years I was there.

As it stands now I'm going to have to freeze this account and pay it off bit by bit because there is no way in hell I can come up with the money any time soon. Especially since I'm out all of the money from my job's checks not cashing.

I'm THIS close to taking all of my money and stuffing it in a mattress. I can pay almost all my bills in person and I don't do credit cards. It's gotta be more lucrative than getting reamed by the banks for fun and profit.

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