emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

I need help

I need you guys to help me with something. I did not get bad service, but someone else did. And I am confused as to why and if I should boycott the restaurant now. Here is the story, as happened last night at a Chinese restaurant.
I ordered a huge meal and then sat down. They quoted me 10 minutes. Very friendly, polite girl took my order.
Then another lady walked up and ordered-the girl was pretty snotty to her. I was kind of surprised, but as its not business of mine I pretend to play on my cell phone. They quote her 25-30. Ok, maybe she had a larger meal/longer to cook. Then the girl brings our drinks over (we both got to go cups). She hands the drink to me, says they are bringing my food out in one second. Pleasant exchange. Then she hands the other lady's drink to her without a smile or word. Then they have words which basically goes as follows
Lady-Excuse me, can I please get my to go cup when my food comes? I dont want my coke to be really watered down and I want to drink it with my meal (polite tone, and a reasonable request in my opinion)
Girl-Oh, what, you dont want it anymore? (bluntly)
Lady-yes, but I will be waiting awhile and it will be really watered down by the time I actually leave.
Girl-shoves drink in her hands and walks away rolling her eyes.
Me-**gaping shocked**
The lady turned to me and was like...am I asking something wrong? AM I not making sense?? And I told her that, no...it made sense to me.
Then as I was leaving the same girl literally darted through the parking lot as Im leaving because they forgot something of my order-very apologetic, very nice.

I just felt like I was in bizarro world where I was getting perfect service while the other lady was being treated incredibly rude with them snapping at her and rolling their eyes. They treated her like she was an idiot and that made me really uncomfortable. And it wasnt just the main girl-the manager and another girl were basically sharing in eye rolls.
So as I am driving away it dawns on me-she is black. I am white. We live in the South.

I dont WANT to believe that because honestly...that makes me sad for humanity.
Can you guys think of ANY other explanations for why the difference in service? Like, I thought maybe the lady was a problem customer, but she was never anything but a normal, polite customer as I sat and watched their entire transaction from the waiting booth. And she genuinely seemed concerned that she made an unreasonable request after the drink thing...which makes me think she is not an asshat. Even if they have some personal problem with her, I would think they could be a tad more professional about it, especially in front of other customers and when she was not currently causing problems.

So Im just confused about the whole deal and my friend laughed at me because she said I was incredibly naive not to know that they were being racist.

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