emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

Slightly annoying

As the title said, not a huge deal, but I am feeling peevish.
I have a meal plan from our university cafeteria, which actually is not bad except for being overpriced.
They have wraps that are excellent. A few weeks ago they advertised that some new, exciting changes were coming. I walk in a week ago and basically the ONLY change I saw was instead of two small wraps for 4 dollars, you only get 1 small wrap for 4 dollars.
These things are small! And they halfed the amount you get without dropping the price! (and no, its not like they got thicker)
I like the wraps, but the principle of the matter is holding me back from buying them anymore. Come on, we are poor college students, cut us a break!
I am deciding whether I should complain, but I doubt it would do any good (plus, its not like the actual employees, even the managers of the food services make these decisions-its probably higher up and its not like they give a shit :p )
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