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Sarah! (exclamation point required)

Semi-Bad Service from Saturn

Hi, I've been commenting for awhile, but this is the first time I've been upset enough to actually post here.

A bit of background: I'm a sophomore at a college in Boston that's big on doing co-ops (jobs related to your course of study mixed in between semesters of classes) and I'll be going out on my first co-op job in January. I'm a computer science major, so I'm lucky enough to find co-op jobs that are well paid. However, the best jobs are often out of the range of Boston's public transportation system. When I applied for jobs, my parents (who live in Kansas at the moment) thought they would be able to buy me a car if I needed it, but due to set-backs (they haven't been able to sell the house in Georgia they moved out of in June, so they're paying 2 mortgages at the moment), they're not able to do that. So, I'm in the process of making my first major independent purchase: a car.
My family has had great service from Saturn since shortly after the started up. We already own three Saturns (my parents each have one, as does my older sister), and they're great cars. In fact, my dad has a 1992 Saturn SL1 that has something like a whooping 350,000 miles on it. A great car, no? And in addition to their product being excellent, Saturn's whole "no hassle" dealy has been wonderful for my parents who don't deal well with pressure from sales people. :)

So, naturally, the first place I looked at to buy a reasonably priced, reliable used car was a local Saturn dealership. My boyfriend (who's actually bought a car before) and I went over to the Saturn dealership in Natick, Mass. on the Saturday before Thanksgiving (November 19) and looked at the cars. We were a bit unsure that they'd have anything in my price range (around $5,000; and I'll be financing that), but, lo and behold, they had a great 1997 Saturn SL1 that seemed to be perfect: Power windows and locks, so I wouldn't have to fumble for keys on those frigid Boston winter mornings, AC, cruise control (a lot of my driving will be on highways), low mileage, and all at the great price of about $5400. Awesome! So we took it for a test drive.

The car drove pretty well, but it still needed a bit more work. In fact, the manager was all over us saying that it wasn't finished, don't get the wrong impression, etc, while the salesmen was off getting the keys so we could take it for a spin. The rear bumper was a little beaten up, and there was an odd squeaking sound when you turned the steering wheel. But, all in all, it seemed great. I gave the salesman my number and, here's the important part, *he told me he'd call me when the car was ready*.
I was a little anxious on Monday when I still hadn't heard from him, but I figured their shop was probably closed for the holiday Wednesday through Sunday of last week, so there'd only been a couple of business days since I'd seen the car. When I still hadn't heard today, I thought I'd give them a call myself.
The salesman said he'd go check on the car (ok, so he wasn't actually keeping updated on it...), and came back and said that, yes, it'd gone through the shop and that it hadn't been sold yet. So, I thought, ok, it's a bit crappy that he didn't call me when it was done like he said he would, but, whatever, maybe they finished working on it today. So I thanked him and told him I'd been in as soon as possible to look at it again.
Fast forward to half an hour ago: I received a call from the salesman and he said that he was wrong, and the car had been sold. I was upset, so I kind of brushed him off when he started to tell me that I should come in to look at other cars. I said I would and hung up.

Sorry for the long-windedness, and I know that doesn't sound like thaaat bad of service, but I almost feel kind of cheated, because we looked at it first and he said he would call me, you know? I feel like I wasted a lot of precious looking time because I thought he would call me. I need to have a car by January 3 to get to my job, and I'm going to my parent's in Kansas for vacation on December 17, and what with finals coming up...this will be tough.
Am I over-reacting, or was this actually bad service?

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