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Dear Freak B**ch,

I am sorry that you once dated my brother. We all are. He still shudders whenever your name is brought up in random conversation.
However the fact that you were his girlfriend for a brief time SEVEN YEARS AGO should have no effect on the service I receive while I'm in the store where you are employed.

When I enter the store, I should not have to hide from you in order to avoid your obnoxious, unrelenting, unwanted interrogation. Stop trying to pump me for information about my sibling. I will not be sharing any deep family secrets with you.
I really don't care about how much you hate my sister in law. My brother married her because he loves her and I happen to think she's great.
I will not join you in your vicious attack on her character.
All I wanted to do was buy an item and leave.
Instead I'm forced to fend off your personal attacks on my family.
Don't get pissy when I attempt to walk away from you.

I realize that you are a mentally unstable person with some serious emotional problems but if you make one more insult or veiled threat about the health of my nephews I will call the police and make a full complaint.

When I finally attempt to make my purchase do not try to force me to give you my personal information. I am paying in cash. No you may not have my phone number. No you may not have my ID. I will not give you anything you can use to stalk me or my family. (again)

Do not go apeshit bananas when your manager has to intervene and asks me what's wrong.
I will be giving him a full description of my experience whether you throw a fit or not. But thank you for lying to him and then screaming "You're all against me!!" and running into the back when he finally insisted you let me speak. It made my exposition that much easier.
I realized right away that I would have no problem convincing your manager that you were lying about what actually happened. His face spoke volumes. By the end of it, I was apologizing to him for all he had to put up with.

The woman who's brother dodged a major bullet.
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