Elizabeth Ashbury (x_lysistrata_x) wrote in bad_service,
Elizabeth Ashbury

My fiance and I went into Starbucks after dinner one night to get some after-dinner goodness. There is this one Starbucks I've been going to since they opened. I now work for Starbucks, but since this one is closer, I still go there often. I may stop going there though and just drive 15 minutes to my store to get good service.

Every time I go into this particular one, the staff is dismissive and they all act like they are bored and act like I am bothering them by being there, especially in the evening. I know they want to close and go home, but it could be 8:30 a.m., a few hours before close and they still behave this way.

When I order a frappuccino with no whip, they put whip on it and get annoyed when I politely ask them to scrape it off. The cup can be marked "WC" and they STILL do it (I know this happens SOMETIMES, but every time? please).

What really topped it off for me was when I went there that night with my guy and I handed the barista at the register my debit card. Now, I have "ID me" written on my card. Yes, I have common sense to hold onto my money, but shit happens. I also check my bank account online EVERY DAY. If someone really wants to steal something, they can and will find a way. Better safe than sorry, right?

He saw the "ID me" and said, "You know, I think if you don't know what's going on with your money, you deserve to get your card stolen." My jaw dropped.

I simply said, "I check my account everyday, but, you know, stuff happens." I got my drink and left. There is ONE barista there who is nice to me. ONE. Pretty sad.
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