~ Kpop Fan ~ (sasword) wrote in bad_service,
~ Kpop Fan ~

I was in Staples a while back looking for stencil pads - I must've been having a particularly myopic day as I couldn't for the life of me find them. So I approached a nearby sales assistant who was shelving some items.

Me = uh me.
SA = ARGH!customer.

Me: Excuse me?
SA: *turns round* Uh?
Me: Could you tell me where your stencils are please?
SA: *horrified look* *mumble mumble* *flees!*

He actually ran off - as if I'd just told him I was going to eat his liver. I was perfectly polite and eventhough I dress alternatively sometimes I was in a plain t-shirt and jeans so I have no idea to this day why he legged it.

I watched him go and then went over to the Information desk - the (obviously senior) assistant there was very helpful and polite and I ended up pointing him out from where he was now chatting to a girl working the til. I know it wasn't that sucky, but I don't expect to be fled from when asking a perfectly logical question.
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