Mrs. Voorhees (bipolarbunny) wrote in bad_service,
Mrs. Voorhees

Last summer, my at-the-time-boyfriend and I were at a baseball game, (company paid picnic at a ballgame, etc)

And it was all good, although expensive, up until the 6th inning when he got the urge for snackums.

So we wandered down to concession, where there was no one else, and he ordered a medium fries and a pop. Which came to $9 and made me want to cry.

Sadly, he hadn't been paid yet and asked me to pay and he would pay be back later. So he orders, and the following ensues:

G: girl at the concession
H: Him, the boy
M: the me.

H: Can I get Medium fries and a bottle of Pepsi?
G: Ok. *stares at him* $9, please.
M: *takes out a $20 and holds it out, as the counter is quite high and i am not.*
G: *ignores*
H: *blank*
M: ....*sets bill down on counter and slides it over*
G: Oh. *makes change*
M: *holds out hand for change*
G: *holds it out to H*
H: *confused. still blank*
M: ...*takes money from her*
G: Oh...*stares at me*
H: *still blank*
G: *retrieves food from the back, stands there, looking between us, as if trying to decide who to give it to*
H: *takes food from her*
G: ...have a nice day!

Um, My money, give me my change. don't give it to him, notice the blank look? that's because he didn't pay for it.
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