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Background: I worked at Office Max, in the copy center for about 10 months. I know how the system works.

I ordered some business cards for a client of mine after I had quit working for Office Max. They cost approximately $40. Now it's six months later, the client wants more cards. I have found another location which is closer to my new home, by 30 minutes. So I emailed them to get a quote, to make sure the price was still similar. I got an email with an excel document attached, which is odd to do for a simple one line quote. I don't have excel, so I emailed them again and asked for them to either type it in the email, attach a word document, or call me.

They sent back this email:
Dear Awesome Jesirose,
Your printing cost would be $115.00 and the setup is priced at $55.00 per hour.
OfficeMax Print and Document Services No. So I called them and explained I'd just gotten this quote which was incorrect. The girl said yes, she'd sent that to me. I explained why that could not be right, and she said something along the lines of "Oh, you're right. It's really $100. No, I don't care that it's wrong. Bye."

I then called the store I had originally purchased the $40 cards from, and she quoted me $43. That's reasonable. I didn't want to drive 30 minutes out of my way, so I asked her if she could call the other store and see why the quote was so wrong. She promised to do so. Later, I drove to the store (the close one) and walked in for a quote. The SAME girl then told me $56. I asked to see the price sheet.

Now, here is what I am ordering: 1000 card with blue and black ink. The company charges less for black than for color, because black ink is cheaper than color. So black+blue is NOT the same as two color. She was looking at the two color price on the price sheet. I pointed to the black+blue price and asked why it was not that price. She said, and I quote: "Oh, we don't go by that price, we go by the higher price." Again, I asked for the lower price, since I knew of 2 other stores that would give me that price, but I would have to drive 30 minutes. She got a manager who approved the price, and I said I would email the document.

I then emailed the SAME document I'd emailed the first time, and wrote:
"I placed the order this afternoon, please this design. The name should be changed to ** ** and the title to ** **. BCT should have no problem with this, they did it last time. Please call me if there are any problems, Thanks, Me, Phone #."

This was on the 22nd. When I worked there, orders came in in 2 days. I know it was a holiday weekend, so I wasn't expecting it right away. But it's now the 30th and no word. I sent over an email "Has this order come in yet? If not, please let me know when I can expect it. Thank you"

I just got a phone message from them.
"Hi this is Amy, we got your email. We can't open your document, you need to send us the right kind of document. Someone should have called you."

Firstly, no one called me, no one left any messages. They have my cell phone # which would have shown them calling. Also, when I worked there if the customer couldn't be reached, you called the next day, and the next. Not just once.

As for the document type, it's the same one I sent before, and it's a PDF. I KNOW for a FACT that the business card printer prefer PDF. Who can't open a PDF for pete's sake.

I'm going back there this afternoon. *grr* Now my client is forced to wait longer for their cards.
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