This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
This is how I rock


So I found a spiffy new desk at staples office furniture not too long ago. I finally got someones attention and had them take it up to the front for me where the sales clerk who was filing her fingernails when I got up there got a major attitude with me. She scanned the bar code on the box and announced my total. One of the major selling points of the desk was it was about 150 and I got a visa debit gift card for 200 for a graduation gift a week before. When I handed her the card she said "oh I don't take those". I asked here where it said I couldn't use one and she said that it wasn't the store's policy but her own person policy because it is too much of a hassle when people can't remember how much is on the card and they have to guess and then use an additional form of payment and it's just too much work for her. I told her there was 200 and to go ahead and run it and she told me "there better be because I hate liars. It makes my job harder and I don't have time to be running a whole bunch of cards for you". WTF?
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