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I live outside a small town. We have no rural delivery here so we have a mailbox in town.
I went to pick up my mail today and when I opened my mailbox I found a registered letter clearly marked PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL.
I can only assume that this translates into "Open and read because you know it's going to be juicy!" because my registered letter was RIPPED OPENED and sitting completely separately from the envelope INSIDE my LOCKED mailbox.
This letter has to do with an extremely sensitive personal issue.

So after I got over my initial shock and horror I approached the service desk in the post office.
The person at the desk was absolutely dead pan. Her behavior made me think she had been drugged or something.
She seemed to look through me rather than at me and as I was trying to calmly explain what I had found (in spite of my extreme distress at this point) she turned away, pulled a long sheet out of a drawer flipped it onto the counter and said in a voice completely devoid of any emotion, "If you have a complaint fill this out and send it to the address on the back." Then she said, "Next." and acted as though she couldn't see me.

I stepped aside and when I did I said, "You or one of your coworkers has opened and read my registered letter and I will be damned if you think I'm just going to go away."

She said, "If you don't leave I will call the police and have you arrested for causing a disturbance." without even looking up at me.

WHAT THE FUCK???????????

This isn't funny, it isn't even just upsetting it's F**KING CRIME!!!!!!!!!!! A federal one at THAT!!!
So now I've spent most of my day on the phone slowly going up the ladder at Canada post being told by one person after another that there isn't a lot they can do and being "encouraged" to let the matter go.
Yes, gods forbid I bring your total lack of professionalism and trustworthyness to the fore.
F**K you people!!! I'm not letting this go and I'll be DAMNED if some miserable thief is going to be protected and keep their job because they're too damn complacent to do any thing about it.

I'm calling the cops and if they don't start a case on this I'm calling the feds and then I'm calling the god damn media.
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